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Hen tours

Hey girls! Coming to Barcelona to celebrate your best friend’s last fling before getting hitched? Fancy doing something fun, interesting and even educational? Like pampering yourselves with a hairdo, massage and a makeup class, learning how to cook a classic Spanish dish (and then eating it!), or checking out a private fashion showroom.

Then you’ve found the right place! We’ll even teach you to say “it seemed like a good idea at the time, officer” in Spanish just in case!

1) To make yourselves even more stunning (if that’s possible): a styling/pampering session in a private fifth-floor salon/apartment with a great terrace and views over the city. Includes hair washing/drying/styling, and hand massage to make you hands as soft as silk, a makeup tutorial so you can look just like Penelope Cruz (more or less!). The session lasts around 4 hours, and incudes the option of cocktails while you get all styled.

2) Visit a private flat with beautiful terrace and enjoy a private showing of some of the latest outfits from Nümph (www.numph.dk) and Sugarhill Boutique (www.sugarhillboutique.com). The clothes are all samples from their latest collections, at half price, so you can on fashion’s cutting edge AND save money! What more can a gal ask for? Cava and cupcakes whilst you check out the clothes perhaps? Oh, alright then, we’ll do that too!

3) For the more foodie-inclined, how about a culinary tour at Barcelona’s Boquería market, followed by a class in making a paella in a private flat, again with a terrace overlooking the city. Of course, you will get to eat the results (so listen to teacher carefully!), as well as a first course and dessert as well.

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